green sandpiper (kusashigi)

green sandpiper and tree sparrow

wagtail bathing 2

oriental greenfinch exiting bathThis is a favorite bathing  spot for many birds. Today a European tree sparrow bathes near a green sandpiper. Earlier, a white wagtail, (hakusekirei) perhaps,  and an oriental greenfinch, (kawarahiwa) enjoyed a bath in the same location.

12/29/15 The green sandpiper is a cheerful bird, constantly bobbing it’s tail as it searches for small invertebrates. I often see it along the river near my house gleaning for small prey along the banks. In this video, I added the call of the green sandpiper to the sound track. You can hear it as a cheerful “piyo piyo piyo piyo”!


Nesting oriental turtle doves (kijibato)


oriental turtle dove (kijibato) on nest
12/18/15 ORIENTAL TURTLE DOVE (kijibato)
oriental turtle dove(kijibato) nest 2
NIGHT SHOT (with flash)

12/20/15    I watched a pair of oriental turtle doves, (kijibato) making a nest in a firebush tree right next to our house last week. They will nest year round in warmer temperate climes on occasion, and nesting is occurring farther north now due to warming climate trends. I will be watching to see if she lays any eggs.

Mandarin Duck (oshidori)

12/07/15     I went back to Tempai Dam last week and found the Mandarin ducks were still there. I made a natural blind from branches near their roosting site, and then returned the next morning. I got myself in position behind the blind as the sun was coming up.  Most of the ducks flew off just as I was about to take a picture, but this lone male returned after about an hour and began preening. Wonderful and exciting being this close to such shy edit  to press