2/8/16 BLACK-FACED SPOONBILL (kurotsura-herasagi)

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preening bl.-faced spoonbills 

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One of the best moments for a bird photographer is when you see a bird you have never seen before. When it is an endangered species, it is even more rewarding. I was lucky to see a flock of black-faced spoonbills a few years ago, and I was able to take many photos of them as the were preening and feeding in the shallows of the mud flats. The next year I returned to the same area in March during low tide but I didn’t see any in the area. I sat down to have my morning coffee and bread, and was just soaking up the sun and sights when a small group of spoonbills flew in from around a bend in the estuary’s bank and landed pretty close to where I was sitting partially hidden behind some small trees and bushes! What an exciting moment for me! I very, very slowly raised my camera to my eye and took the closeups you see here. At first they turned their heads towards me when they heard the click of the shutter, but after a few minutes, they didn’t pay any attention to it’s sound. I did not move for a few hours until they flew off and landed on a small island in the center of the estuary. I feel so fortunate to have seen these beautiful and rare birds so close up. It will forever remain a cherished memory.