The Chinese bamboo partridge at last!

 9/10/17  I had often heard the loud call of the Chinese bamboo partridge, (kojukei in Japanese) and gotten a few glimpses of them from a distance, but I have never been able to get a photo of one until last week. They are extremely wary birds, and run off into the underbrush as soon as they see a human.  They also fly quite well, and I have spooked them into flight a few times. This day, I was walking slowly on the road around Yamagami Dam and was almost back to my car, when I saw a male Chinese bamboo partridge run into some creeping vines along with a few females on the left side of the road. This was their closest cover to escape into, but the cedar forests they prefer to forage in were across the road on the right. I guessed they might cross the road after some minutes if I remained motionless. My camera was on the tripod, so I just folded out the legs and waited. Sure enough, after five minutes or so, the male emerged first, glanced around and dashed across the road. I heard him clucking to the females, and they soon followed in likewise fashion.

male Chinese bamboo partridge, Yamagami Dam (2)final

male above

female below

female Chinese bamboo partridge, Yamagami Dam (1final)

Bamboo partridge call; link below.

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 I have often wondered what this flower is. A few days ago, a student of mine found out for me. It is called “yaburan” in Japanese and lily turf or border grass in English. As the name suggests, it is used as ground cover in yards or along walkways. The long, slender green leaves are not shown in this photo.

mystery plant final

I also went to Shikanoshima recently, and took a few photos of the blue rock thrush,(isohiyodori in Japanese) an Asian brown flycatcher,(kosamebitaki) and some barn swallows, (tsubame).



asian brown flycatcher



Finally, beautiful Luna just before she sank behind the clouds.



2 thoughts on “The Chinese bamboo partridge at last!”

  1. Congrats on finally getting nice pics of the partridge! It is a little unusual looking with it’s long legs, like a water bird and also the interesting feather patterns.
    Love the Moon photo!


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