A Sunrise on Shikanoshima

January 17, 2018

 Last January 2nd, I went to Shikanoshima with the idea of taking  photos of the setting Moon in order to make a time lapse video. Shikanoshima, as I mentioned in an earlier post, translates as Deer Island, but it is actually connected to the mainland by a long and narrow piece of land. It is also a good location for photographing birds. In fact, I returned there a few days ago for just such a reason, but perhaps that will be the subject of a future post. Anyway, the moon set time lapse quality was not that good, so I posted a video of the sunrise taken on the same day, but on the other side of Shikanoshima. It is for meditating and getting in tune with the rhythms of Nature.

 The music is by the artist Jahzaar, and the piece is titled “Fibonaci”.  Actually spelled with 2 cs, Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who discovered a  mathematical sequence that also exists in nature.