Night Clouds & Meteors

November 18, 2018

 I wanted to share a few time lapses I put together over the past few weeks. Both of them were taken at Hoshinomura, in southwest Japan. I had hoped to capture some meteors, but good photos proved to be rather elusive. The night sky is always beautiful and entertaining, with or without shooting stars. For me, it is always a magical and spiritual experience. Thanks for visiting my site.





Black-faced Spoonbills

November 4th, 2018

I returned to a favorite spot of mine to see if the Black-faced Spoonbills were there. In the early morning, just as the sun rose over the horizon, a Black-faced spoonbill flew by just after I had set up the blind! Later, as I was returning to the car, I saw a group of ten Black-faced spoonbills roosting and feeding. I am very happy they continue to use this estuary as a stopover on their migration.

 There were three osprey that were actively fishing. I always enjoy watching these beautiful and dynamic birds of prey. I saw them dive into the water quite a few times. Once, one caught two fish in both talons on one dive!

  Later that day I walked with my dog along a river near my place. The sunset was especially nice. A fitting end to a fulfilling day.