Black-faced Spoonbills

November 4th, 2018

I returned to a favorite spot of mine to see if the Black-faced Spoonbills were there. In the early morning, just as the sun rose over the horizon, a Black-faced spoonbill flew by just after I had set up the blind! Later, as I was returning to the car, I saw a group of ten Black-faced spoonbills roosting and feeding. I am very happy they continue to use this estuary as a stopover on their migration.

 There were three osprey that were actively fishing. I always enjoy watching these beautiful and dynamic birds of prey. I saw them dive into the water quite a few times. Once, one caught two fish in both talons on one dive!

  Later that day I walked with my dog along a river near my place. The sunset was especially nice. A fitting end to a fulfilling day.









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