Moon set from Tateishi Mountain

January 23, 2019

 I spent some time on Google Maps deciding on where to take a time lapse of the moon set. I decided to check out  Mt. Tateishi, in Itoshima, on the eastern coast of Kyushu. I wanted to do some reconnaissance  there the day before. The reason being to find the correct location to photograph the setting moon, and also to become familiar with the trail. This would make it easier to set up my gear and also be safer on the following night. And besides, I wanted to enjoy the hike and the views in the daylight.

 Here are a few photos from the day hike and a link to information on Mt. Tateishi.

   The following day, I returned in the early morning hours to capture beautiful Luna at about 99% full. She was so bright that I was able to walk the trail without the headlamp on. Breath-taking views were around every curve in the trail, and I must say, I felt as if I was in a dream.
I recommend turning off the lights when you watch the video below, and set to HD 1080p if your computer or cellphone has it.

Some of the stills from that night, taken with a Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera. The Canon 80D was busy taking the time lapse. I chose not to do any post processing with the time lapse photos this time. Just a little brightening on a few of the frames.

I enjoyed this time with Mt. Tateishi and the serene ocean and incredible moon. I hope you enjoyed this little taste of what I experienced. Get out of your house and be one with nature as often as you can. Thank you for visiting my site!