Into the Clouds

March 24, 2019    When I arrived at the top of Kusenbu mountain last Thursday at around 5:00 a.m., the cloud ceiling, (bottom of the cloud cover) was 1000 meters or so. As the camera recorded the coming of dawn, the ceiling gradually  lowered until it enveloped me and the top of Kusenbu. It was cold and rather blustery, so I took a nap in the car for an hour while the camera clicked away. I returned to the tower just before sunrise, but I only got a short glimpse of the sun. At the 13 second mark, there is also a brief glimpse of Venus as she peeks through the scudding clouds. In the time lapse, you can observe a three-hour span in about 90 seconds.

  In the coming weeks, I will be going out more often in the hopes of capturing photos of birds returning or migrating through the Fukuoka area. I plan on going to Yamagami Dam around the beginning of April in the hopes of photographing and recording the song of the beautiful Narcissus Flycatcher, (kibitaki). A favorite bird of mine. I took the video below about three years ago at Hase Dam near Hisayama. I want to do better this year with a different camera and microphone.

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March 14, 2019

 These are two sunrise time lapses recorded within two days of each other on top of Kusenbu mountain. It is always amazing how each sunset or sunrise unfolds and surprises me with it’s own uniqueness, making my day special.  I hope your day is special too! Thanks for visiting.










Sakuradaki Waterfall

March 3rd, 2019

Sakuradaki waterfall, (cherry blossom falls) is about an 80 minute drive from my home in Dazaifu by the national highway. It is located in Amagase, Oita prefecture. If you take the train, it is about a 5 minute walk from JR Amagase  station. The waterfall gets it’s name from the profusion of cherry blossoms along the path to the falls.

  It had been raining through the night, and when I arrived at the parking area, it was  still raining slightly with no wind. A good time to photograph the falls, as the low light allows slower shutter speeds, enabling one to obtain softer water effects without any filters.

  There was not a soul in sight when I arrived at the falls, except one cute,(depending on your point of view) little snail. He seemed to be enjoying the wet weather, and  posed patiently for the camera. I think I may return at the end of March to see the cherry blossoms. Thanks for checking out the site.

Click on the photos above for an enlarged view of the falls and snail.