Night of the Lyrids

April 23, 2020   Last night was the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower. I went out to a somewhat dark location where I set up the camera in the middle of a green tea field. this shower averages 10 to 15 meteors at it’s peak. It also produces the occasional fireball.

 The night was cloudy half of the time, so the stars and the Milky Way were still visible through the clouds. After spotting around ten shooting stars, I climbed into the car and took a nap, hoping that the camera would capture a good meteor or two. After returning home, I attached the camera to the TV, and went through the exposures one by one. Besides the enjoyment astrophotographers get from looking for shooting stars, there is also the excitement we get when finding a good meteor in even one frame. 

 A couple of birds that are common to Japan are the Little Egret and the Common Kingfisher. I more often than not spot them at nearby Homan River. 

Thank you for visiting! Please be safe everyone.


April Images

April 11, 2020    In this time of social distancing, I find myself in the great outdoors even more than before. Walking around my favorite lake with blooming cherry trees, or strolling through the wooded paths of a nearby mountain, I always find peace of mind. I hope all of you find solace in nature’s healing and soothing powers in these trying times.