One Morning at Citizen’s Forest Pond

May 1, 2020

You only need sit still long enough in some attractive spot in the woods that all its inhabitants may exhibit themselves to you by turns.” – Henry David Thoreau

I again followed Thoreau’s advice yesterday morning, and sat myself down on a convenient cement seat, next to a pond. Ponds are a great place to observe the creatures that either reside there, or visit for food, water, and rest. Citizen’s Forest Pond, nestled at the foot of Shioji mountain, was created when a small stream was blocked by a dirt embankment. Cement blocks were stacked on both sides,  but the rear of the pond was left unimpeded. Here, various water plants grow, creating a safe haven and food source. Birds, mammals, frogs, snakes, fish, and insects have taken to Citizen’s Forest Pond, even though it is of modest size. It is nestled up against woods on one side, and a walking path on the other. A two meter high hedge separates the path from the pond, providing privacy for the animals. Here, I noticed a small gap where I sidled through. Low and behold, I found the aforementioned seat. Here, I sat undetected for hours as the people passed by on the other side of the hedge, oblivious of my presence.  Leaving some hours later, Thoreau’s observation was again confirmed. Sit for even one hour quietly. Inhabitants will emerge from hiding. 





The Asian Softshell Turtle photo was taken at a different location, (Mikasa River). This is an invasive species, but due to it’s popularity as a food delicacy throughout Asia, and reduction of habitat, it was put on the ICUN  ‘vulnerable’ list of endangered species in 2016. 

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4 thoughts on “One Morning at Citizen’s Forest Pond”

  1. Nice array of life forms represented. The slo- mo of the duck, launching and landing was great – leaves being stirred up!
    What did you think when the duck started flying right at you?!


  2. Hi Tom😊 Thank you so much for grate photos.

    I climbed Mt.Shiouji with my 4 friends on May 30. We went to Mizugame and Yakikomegahara,so there we had a lunch. We listened to birds singing 😄



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