Toimisaki (Cape Toi)

October 23, 2020

Toimisaki Cape in the southeast of Kyushu, is noted for it’s incredible ocean views, lighthouses, and national park, where the endangered and protected wild horses, (Misaki-uma) roam freely.

I chose it for the above reasons, as well as the dark skies. I mainly wanted to photograph the Orionid meteors which were scheduled to peak on the 22nd. Due to partly cloudy skies that day, I went on the night of the 23-24, which turned out to be clear of clouds, but rather windy. I set up the camera on the leeward side of a hill, which blocked out most of the wind.

In the middle of the night, a small group of horses paid me a visit, snorting and neighing on occasion as they continued grazing around me. It was this grazing that kept the hilltops mostly free of bushes and trees, affording fantastic views in all directions. I watched an incredibly bright Venus come up in the East. I left just before sunrise, feeling rejuvenated from the fresh air and salty breeze. The female Ruby-throated Hummingbird in the gallery below, is a drawing I entered in the Migratory Bird Contest, (# inktobird) on Instagram.

Click on link below to view the video.


6 thoughts on “Toimisaki (Cape Toi)”

  1. Love the photos. The steep hillside with horses has an interesting atmosphere about it. Very inviting to me. Beautiful place!


  2. Thank you for sharing this Tom. I love your hummingbird drawing. How many horses live there? Did you get any nice photos of them? šŸŽ šŸŽ šŸŽ


    1. Oh, l just saw Rick’s comment. My phone is being too slow to download photos as I’ve surpassed my data usage for the month. šŸ˜•


      1. Thank you, Tom. Sorry to hear they are endangered, but it is good that there are more now than in the 1970s šŸŽ


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