Early Summer Sunset

June 22, 2021 The rainy season is on it’s last legs here in Fukuoka. I haven’t been going out all that often. When I have, the weather took a turn for the worse. One night trip to Yamaga, west of Aso national park to photograph the Milky Way was a bust, as the fog rolled in and remained through the night. Just last Sunday, I drove to the top of Kusenbu mountain to try a cloud/sunset time lapse. I thought the high clouds might catch some color as the sun sank below the the horizon, and for fifteen minutes or so they did.

That same day, I was at Yamagami Dam early for a walk around the lake. A lone, adolescent Common Kingfisher perched for a few minutes quite near me. He tried to catch a minnow four times, but came up empty every attempt. He just needs more practice I guess. A Brown-eared Bulbul chased him off just to be mean.

I am happy to say that I received my long awaited star tracker in the mail today. It will enable me to capture sharper night sky images, as well as deep sky objects; galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters for example.

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