A Morning Stroll


August 21, 2021    It seems Japan is going through another rainy season with very heavy torrential rains, for one week straight last week. Like the monsoon season in India!  I haven’t had the chance to get out all that much because of it, but last Sunday the weather was partly sunny in the morning, so I took a walk around Yamagami Lake. Not that much bird activity, so I just focused on some flowers blooming after the heavy rains, and the small rill that ran along the road that had turned into a torrent.



I also went to Hado Cape in Saga prefecture a few nights ago to photograph the Andromeda galaxy again. It has pretty dark skies (Bortle class 4) but I had to deal with light from the waxing moon. When it finally set, clouds had rolled in, but not before I took some light frames, along with calibration frames. This time in raw format! It came out a little better than the first time, but I must try again with no moon next month. 

Andromeda Galaxy

Finally, a little friend.(❁´◡`❁)

A little friend



One thought on “A Morning Stroll”

  1. Andromeda Galaxy – Only 52,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away. I’m planning a trip there. Any takers?

    Nice photos of the flora and fauna. Beautiful palate of colors!


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