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I have been living in Western Japan now for some time now, where I own and operate an English school. I am an amateur bird photographer, and this site is primarily for sharing my photos and love of birds with others. I also enjoy cycling, playing the piano, and woodworking. May the wind always be at your back and below your wings.

Ural owl (fukuro) Hiyoshi


Ural owl (fukuro)
Ural owl (fukuro)

My first post! Thought I would provide a short comment on the owl on my front page. It is a Ural owl, which is called fukuro here in Kyushu,Japan. It was being mobbed by some crows near a shrine which was surrounded by huge oaks and camphor trees. They flew off after ten minutes or so and the owl, whom I dubbed Hiyoshi, (after the shrine) remained at this location for about two weeks. I was able to take many photos , but I think the best was this one taken on the first day we met.